Mini XRX/R



The Trailmaster Mini XRX-R with Reverse Go cart is the perfect kart for young riders and is built with great safety features. There is a speed limiter on the gas pedal and a remote kill you control the speed until the rider gets more experienced. The Trailmaster Mini is made to ride two kids and provides safety belts for both. Some Key Features on this model are: Automatic with Reverse Electric start w/ pull start back up LED headlight Horn Sports seat Remote control The Trailmaster Mini RS-R Size (ages 5 to 10) double seat, full suspension Go Kart powered by a 163cc, 5.5 hp Engine that features 2-wheel drive and centrifugal clutch. This is an Xlint quality cart that offers all the popular features found on much more expensive karts.

Standard Features: * Heavy Duty Frame!

* Light Kit Package!

* Dual Seats!

* Cargo Rack!

* Seat to Pedal Measurement 30 ‘ – 35″” *

The adjustable Pedal can also be adjusted to 3? or 6? shorter. *

Disc Brake *

Throttle Limiter Speed Control


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